As a young, energetic lab we are currently building the team and we are always looking for good people to join us at all levels! We are working at the interface of physics, materials science, engineering, and chemistry. If you are interested send an email to Antonia or stop by!

Postdoctoral researchers: We are always excited to have creative and hardworking people join our team. Expertise in soft matter, polymers, coarse-grained or atomistic simulations, theory, Monte Carlo or molecular dynamics simulations is required. To apply, send us a cover letter describing your background and future research interests, a curriculum vitae, and the contact details of at least two references. Currently, only candidates with independent external funding will be considered. Unsolicited e-mail requests without clear external funding opportunities, a motivation statement and an attached resume will not be considered!

Graduate students:  We are always looking for motivated, excited graduate students! If you are at UIUC, please send a short description of your research interests and background to us, and some times to meet. For graduate students at other institutions, you might be able to do an internship at our group if you have external funding or a fellowship, please send a brief description of your background and interests and the contact details of your primary research advisor. For applying to grad school at UIUC, please find all relevant information on our department webpage.  Unsolicited e-mail requests without clear motivation statement and attached resume will not be considered!

Undergraduate students: If you are interested in joining the lab please send us an email, describing background, research interests, what you hope to get out of your research experience, and how much time you want to spend in the lab. You don’t need any previous research experience, just be motivated and curious to learn! International students may be able to join our lab if you have funding, either with an REU program or external fellowships. When writing us to inquire about undergrad research, please make sure to include your resume, skills and why you are motivated to join our lab!