Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to us and our lab?

We are promoting an environment where each individual feels respected, valued, confident, and inspired. Understanding and promoting diversity is a core commitment of our lab, and we believe in equity, empathy, and respect. We strive to maintain a healthy, safe, and happy work environment that enables productive and constant growth of all lab members. This includes a welcoming environment where any individual feels free to express themselves and be proud and safe to show who they are. Opportunities will be given to anyone, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, religion, ability, social status, age, sexual orientation, etc.

The Materials Science department as a whole is equally committed to diversity.


Our group is actively involved in a number of outreach activities. Together with the Guironnet lab, we organize the St. Elmo Brady Academy. Here elementary school kids can learn all about plastics and recycling!

We are also the main organizer for the mid-GLAM summer camp. This summer camp is for middle school students that want to learn more about materials.

mid-GLAM 2023 in front of MRL


    As a group, we participate in annual conferences, sharing insight of our research, interacting with groups with similar research interests and networking. APS March Meeting and Midwest Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Conference (MTSM) are two that we hold a consistent presence on our calendar.

    MTSM 2023 at University of Notre Dame.
    Group dinner during the 2024 APS March Meeting, Minneapolis MN.